Roulette Theater 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Runway show featuring fashion from Brooklyn inspired designs.

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Runway Show
4 - 6

Leon Kasso Andrade is a Celebrity Designer form NYC. His clothing is fun loud and bold. Adding a personal touch to every piece. His clothing is for the bold and daring who want to be heard and for sure seen. Giving a voice to his pieces with writing on jackets and skirts giving a feel of NYC to each piece. Kasso for sure takes a lane of his own.

Christina Kim is the designer of a clean, structured clothing line, with amazing outerwear pieces, that every stylish person can see themselves in. Her designs are dynamic innovative yet classic. You will want to shop her collection by just the site of it.

The BKMW x Fashion Collective features some very amazing designers.

Nathaniel White is a young Celebrity Fashion Designer born and raised in Brooklyn NY. He has been featured in magazines such as NYLON, ELLE, Element, VIBE and many others just to name a few. You can see his clothing on some of the hottest fashion icons of today as well as some of your favorite artist. His clothing is fun yet sexy. Below you can find some of his work:

Cen Si designer of Con Moto, who has been featured in prominent Fashion Magazines such as BULLET and sites like WWD and Vogue. Is true to the word fashion while using pops of amazing colors and amazing lines, her designs leave you in aw. The dynamic styling she utilizes just bring the clothing to life. Not to mention as a trained musician she has combined her two passions, by utilizing QR codes buyers can use to hear music from the clothing.